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We cut round, square, hex, and rectangular bar and tubing constructed from a wide variety of metals.

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. We at "Punjab Industries" provide steel & metal cutting services of various grades and sizes as per the customer requirement(ex. Shank cutting, Customized cutting). Our bandsaw cutting machine is efficient & gives a neat cut which results in precise and desired outcome by our customers. We have more than 20 years of experience in cutting. We also use world class high quality blades such as Amada, Wikus and there will be no compromise in the quality of cutting either.

Machine Type

Horizontal Band Saw


Cut-To-Length Rod, Bar, Tube, Pipe and Shapes - All Alloys

Basic Limits

Minimum Round -1.180" 
Maximum Round - 35.93" 
Maximum Square - 16.93" 
Maximum Rectangle - 16.93" x 16.93" 
Minimum Length - .400" 
Minimum Butt End - 4.5" 
Standard Length Tolerance - +1/8" - .0" 1 
Kerf Allowance - 1/8"


Delivering Results with Solid Dependability