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We are supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of MS Steel products, comprising MS Rounds & Squares of various specification. We best customize the order as per customer requirements.

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Punjab Industries is an expert in providing industry-standard products. The Square, Rectangular supplied by us are free from any defects. They are Ultra-Sound Tested materials which always match our customer's requirements. 

The materials are provided with a Material Test Certificate. The material's chemical composition and mechanical properties are tested before dispatch and hence only quality materials get delivered to our customers. 







Grades Available: M.S, L.C, E.N 1A(NL), EN-8, EN-4, EN-8M, EN-9, EN-15, EN-15 AM, EN-16, EN-18, EN-19, EN-24i, EN-31, EN-32 B, EN-45, EN- 353, 31 CrV3, 42 CrMo 4, 16Mncr5, 20Mncr5, 20Mn2, 27Mn2, 31 Cr4, SAE – 1010, SAE – 1018, SAE – 4042, SAE – 4140, SAE – 8620, SAE – 52100 a, SAE – 1524, SCM – 435, 10B – 21, 15B – 25, C-20, C-50, 35C8

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