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Punjab Industries is the best hex bar manufacturer and supplies top-quality hex bars which have a multitude of industrial and commercial applications.

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Hex bright bars are among the most popular kinds of bright bars along with bright round bars and bright square bars. The characteristic that makes them so popular is their shape.


The shape of bright hex bars and exceptional dimensional accuracy ensured during manufacturing by Punjab Industries make these bars appropriate for several industries.


Punjab Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified leading steel bright bar manufacturer with a specialization in manufacturing hex, round, and special-shaped bright bars. We swear by our quality and make sure that all the products manufactured comply with international quality standards. We are also committed to providing unbeatable pre and post-sales support, along with competitive pricing, reliable deliveries, and an exhaustive inventory.Punjab Industries is an expert in providing industry-standard products. The Square, Rectangular and Hex Bars supplied by us are free from any defects. They are Ultra-Sound Tested materials which always match our customer's requirements. 

The materials are provided with a Material Test Certificate. The material's chemical composition and mechanical properties are tested before dispatch and hence only quality materials get delivered to our customers.





Grades Available: M.S, L.C, E.N 1A(NL), EN-8, EN-4, EN-8M, EN-9, EN-15, EN-15 AM, EN-16, EN-18, EN-19, EN-24i, EN-31, EN-32 B, EN-45, EN- 353, 31 CrV3, 42 CrMo 4, 16Mncr5, 20Mncr5, 20Mn2, 27Mn2, 31 Cr4, SAE – 1010, SAE – 1018, SAE – 4042, SAE – 4140, SAE – 8620, SAE – 52100 a, SAE – 1524, SCM – 435, 10B – 21, 15B – 25, C-20, C-50, 35C8

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